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The composable Kubernetes

Architectural freedom. Fully automated operations. Extensible Kubernetes for all.

Charmed Kubernetes brings a curated set of tools to help you build your clusters from the ground up, and deliver 'containers as a service' across the enterprise.

Built on Ubuntu, the platform of choice for enterprise Kubernetes, our distribution gives you a streamlined multi-cloud experience with unparalleled price-performance and lifecycle automation.

Choose your infrastructure and seamlessly integrate with cloud native storage, networking, load balancing and observability.

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Highly configurable, pure upstream, production-grade K8s clusters

CNCF-certified distribution and best-of-breed tools for a turnkey Kubernetes

Additionally, Charmed Kubernetes features include:

  • High availability setup by default
  • Automatic updates and security fixes for all core Kubernetes components
  • Full OCI compatability with Docker and containderd runtimes
  • PCI device passthrough for GPU, FPGA and SR-IOV workloads
  • VMs on Kubernetes with Kata containers
  • Extensible, third-party ecosystem for storage and networking

Model driven Kubernetes

Streamlined cluster lifecycle management with Charmed Operators

Juju, the Charmed Operator Framework, helps platform teams to codify their extensive knowledge of operating applications and infrastructure. Juju leverages model driven operations to build simple or complex topologies at scale on bare metal, VMs and containers. In Charmed Kubernetes, every service is driven by a Charmed Operator allowing for:

  • Vast cloud compatability with OpenStack, VMware, AWS, GCP and Azure support
  • Centralised operational control and lifecycle automation for all Charmed Kubernetes clusters
  • Reduction of manual configuration and complexity for Day-0 to Day-2 operations
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with storage, networking, LBaaS, logging, monitoring and alerting tools
  • Easy upgrades to the latest versions
  • Fine-grained service placement

Kubernetes on OpenStack

A great K8s experience on the #1 OpenStack distribution

Build a multi-tenant, high-performing, cost-effective private cloud with Charmed Kubernetes on Charmed OpenStack. The Charmed Operator framework ensures your private cloud provides:

  • A single platform for containerised and traditional workloads
  • A unified approach to operate apps and infra
  • Built-in security and isolation of workloads
  • Hardware acceleration with SR-IOV, DPDK & OVS offloading
  • Load balancing in ingress
  • A single subscription for full-stack support

Kubernetes on bare metal

Optimal performance, management and automation of physical and container assets

Charmed Kubernetes seamlessly runs on bare metal in conjunction with MAAS, Canonical's bare metal cloud orchestrator. MAAS offers a cloud-like experience for K8s deployments on the most popular hardware infrastructure. Charmed Kubernetes on MAAS provides:

  • Bare-metal performance
  • Guaranteed full-stack high availability
  • DevOps-driven bare metal management
  • Optimised hardware utilisation and elastic machine allocation
  • Enhanced platform awareness for GPU auto-detection
  • Fault-tolerant software-defined storage

Leverage the Ubuntu cloud native ecosystem

Charmed Kubernetes gives you total cluster control at scale. Integrate it with the Ubuntu ecosystem to build your full stack cloud native platform

Edge and IoT

  • MicroK8s delivers a fully-conformant, low-touch, self-healing Kubernetes at the edge.
  • Single-command user experience, sensible defaults and batteries included.
  • x86 and ARM support for containers at your fingertips on any device.

Learn more about MicroK8s ›


  • Ubuntu is the leading platform for public cloud GPU instances, and Canonical offers private cloud expertise to match.
  • GPU and FPGA pass-through make your Kubernetes cluster a shared machine learning platform for your data scientists.
  • Kubeflow on Charmed Kubernetes completes a cloud-native framework for MLOps at scale.

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Kubernetes for Telco

  • Full set of EPA features such as SR-IOV, DPDK, NUMA, CPU pinning and GPU support.
  • Validated with tier 1 operators with most popular CNFs on the market.
  • Telco grade security and compliance with ETSI, DISA STIG, NCSC, FIPS.

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Containers for legacy apps

  • Use the Linux Containers Daemon, LXD, for pure-container guests in OpenStack.
  • Faster to launch, with zero latency and amazing quality of service, LXD guests are the bridge between traditional VMs and next-generation Kubernetes.
  • Visit the LXD website ›

Kubernetes resources

Let's talk Kubernetes architecture

Find out how Canonical facilitates Kubernetes on demand for your DevOps teams on OpenStack, VMware, public clouds, and bare metal clusters.

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