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A technical leader’s guide to container security

The 4S strategy for building and operating secure containers at scale

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Application containers are a critical component of modern enterprise IT strategies. More lightweight, agile, and portable than traditional virtual machines (VMs), containers drive accelerated application development and enable seamless, granular scaling through microservices architecture.

However, as a rapidly evolving and highly complex technology, containers can be difficult to use in an enterprise environment while remaining secure.

Container security vulnerabilities can potentially arise from a variety of factors. For example, when using container images built with diverse sources from different projects, verifying software provenance becomes essential for avoiding supply chain threats. And the more software that is included in a container, the larger the attack surface and the more susceptible it is to vulnerabilities.

Inconsistencies across container development, testing, and production environments can frequently compromise security, especially when combined with the inherent complexity of container ecosystems.

Despite the severity of these challenges, they can be overcome by following container building and maintenance best practices. This whitepaper explores how enterprises can limit their exposure to potential threats by adopting the 4S strategy:

  • Secure by-design containers
  • Stable and predictable lifecycle management
  • Simple developer experience
  • Small attack surface.

It also demonstrates how sourcing container content from a trusted partner represents the smoothest path to maximising security. Download the guide today.

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