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Cloud Pricing Report 2022

Understand the impact of cloud pricing on cloud infrastructure choices

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Estimating and comparing costs between various cloud platforms has always been challenging. While public cloud providers maintain the list prices for their services in the form of cost-per-resource metrics, doing the same in the private cloud space is not trivial. However, even clear cost-per-resource metrics do not give a complete picture of the total cost of ownership (TCO), as businesses are usually not able to calculate their demands for all types of cloud resources on their own.

About Canonical’s Cloud Pricing Report 2022

In order to better understand cloud pricing concepts and their impact on cloud infrastructure choices, Canonical ran a community survey to collect responses from hundreds of cloud users. This, along with price comparisons from leading cloud providers and cost analyses from sample cloud applications, resulted in a report on cloud pricing that is now available for free.

Get the free report on cloud pricing

By downloading this report you will get an access to:

  • Cloud list prices from leading public and private cloud providers as of July 2022.
  • A TCO analysis for three sample cost scenarios based on official TCO calculators.
  • The results of the survey on cloud pricing, consisting of 39 questions and answers provided by 326 respondents.
  • Exclusive commentary from industry experts.

Image: TCO calculations for large scale cloud operations

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