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From VMware to OpenStack

Lower your TCO by 40% with your own open source cloud

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Cloud computing is now a central piece of enterprise IT estates. According to Gartner, overall spending on cloud infrastructure will approach the 50% mark by 2025. As IT estates grow and become more complex, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can increase substantially, serving as a catalyst for an ongoing challenge businesses face - to optimise infrastructure expenditure.

This is especially relevant for organisations that have been historically using traditional proprietary solutions. Those solutions not only tend to be overly expensive due to licence costs but often also lead to lock-in through layers of interdependent services and lengthy contractual obligations. In light of these shortcomings, it is no surprise that following the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, companies are now re-evaluating their IT strategies.

Move from VMware to OpenStack

This paper explores the benefits of moving from VMware to one of its open source alternatives: OpenStack. It also compares OpenStack with the VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus suite. By looking at the similarities and differences of both platforms, we demonstrate how organisations can perform a successful migration while achieving feature parity. Moreover, this paper provides a detailed analysis of VMware’s and Canonical’s commercial offerings, outlining how moving from VMware to Canonical OpenStack can result in up to 40% cost savings.

In this whitepaper, we will:

  • Demonstrate that a successful migration from VMware to OpenStack results in up to 40% TCO reduction
  • Showcase similarities and differences between the VMware vSphere suite and Canonical OpenStack ecosystem
  • Explore how to achieve feature parity between the legacy platform and the new one
  • Outline additional benefits of migrating to Canonical Infrastructure

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