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Kubernetes for CNF

Cloud native network functions

CNF is a network function designed and implemented to run inside containers. CNFs follow cloud native architectural and operational principles including K8s lifecycle management, model driven operations, agility, resilience, and observability.

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Charmed Kubernetes

Architectural freedom. Fully automated operations. Extensible Kubernetes for all.

Kubernetes on Ubuntu gives you perfect portability of workloads across all infrastructures, from the data centre to the public cloud. With a strong focus on AI/ML and providing a cloud-native platform for the enterprise, Ubuntu is the platform of choice for K8s.

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Lightweight upstream Kubernetes

MicroK8s is a small pure-upstream Kubernetes, with sensible defaults that ‘just work’. A quick install, easy upgrades and great security make it perfect for micro clouds and edge computing.

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Kubernetes for telecoms

  • High availability
  • Pluggable CNI, CSI, CRI
  • DPDK, CPU pinning, SR-IOV, Hugepages
  • Fine-grained service placement
  • GPU acceleration
  • SDN integration
  • IPv6 support

CNF lifecycle management

Using Juju and charms, we achieve best in class automation

  • Better control of capacity and scale
  • Composition and integration of operators
  • Standardised UX / CLI and configuration
  • Parameterised async Day 2 operations
  • Fine-grained control
  • Much, much less YAML

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Secure and compliant

  • Kubernetes RBAC
  • LDAP
  • Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Encryption at rest
  • TLS
  • CIS harderning/compliance by default
  • FIPS compliant worker nodes
  • FIPS compliant container images

Enterprise support

Enterprise support for Kubernetes on Ubuntu is provided by Canonical as part of an Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure (UA-I) support subscription on a large range of substrates. UA-I also includes long-term security maintenance, kernel live patching and mission-critical infrastructure support for the full stack, from kernel to container. Canonical supports K8s on Ubuntu on public clouds, VMware, OpenStack and bare metal.

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