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Five strategies to accelerate Kubernetes in the enterprise

How to choose the best approach to Kubernetes for your business

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As Kubernetes adoption spreads from early adopters to slower-moving enterprises, many companies are discovering that while containers and Kubernetes offer advantages around development, velocity, agility, and cost management, they also create a new set of challenges to overcome.

While there are commonalities in the types of challenges enterprises encounter with Kubernetes, there’s no true one-size-fits-all way to manage them but rather a number of potential approaches, each with its own advantages and drawbacks.

In this white paper we examine the motivations most enterprises have when they adopt Kubernetes, the approaches available and the considerations to be taken into account depending on an enterprises’ own size, technical sophistication, current infrastructure and budget.

Download today to:

  • Learn the main benefits of Kubernetes for the enterprise, and why it has taken the containerisation space by storm.
  • Discover the most common challenges businesses face in the Kubernetes adoption process.
  • Get a thorough comparison of the most prominent Kubernetes solutions on the market, including: Vanilla, PaaS, public cloud Kubernetes distributions, managed, and Enterprise Kubernetes platform.Five strategies to accelerate Kubernetes deployment in the enterprise
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