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How to implement over-the-air updates for IoT

Solving the software update challenge for your devices

This whitepaper has been updated in March 2023

Delivering reliable software updates to low-powered, inaccessible, and often remotely administered embedded systems is a major challenge. With traditional update mechanisms, faulty updates can cause IoT devices to become unstable, and fixing them requires costly manual intervention through on-site engineer.

Ubuntu Core solves the update problem for IoT devices regardless of fleet scale. Packages on Ubuntu Core are delivered through snaps – a secure, confined, dependency-free, cross-platform Linux packaging system – which enable automated and transactional updates that are either 100% successful, or are not installed and your device remains on its last stable version.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How the design of snaps makes Ubuntu Core inherently secure and easy to maintain
  • How vendors can deliver automated updates to devices while retaining complete control over which users receive updates
  • How delta updates save bandwidth and reduce cost of ownership for IoT devices
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