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How to implement over-the-air updates for IoT

Solving the software update challenge for your devices

This whitepaper has been updated in March 2023

With the modern proliferation of IoT devices, delivering reliable software updates to low-powered, inaccessible, and often remotely administered embedded systems has become a major challenge. With traditional update mechanisms, faulty updates can cause IoT devices to become unstable, and fixing them requires costly manual intervention through on-site engineer.

Ubuntu Core solves the update problem for IoT devices regardless of fleet scale. Packages on Ubuntu Core are delivered through snaps – a secure, confined, dependency-free, cross-platform Linux packaging system – which enable automated and transactional updates that are either 100% successful, or are not installed.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • How the design of snaps makes Ubuntu Core inherently secure and easy to maintain
  • How vendors can deliver automated updates to devices while retaining complete control over which users receive updates
  • How delta updates save bandwidth and reduce cost of ownership for IoT devices
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