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Cyberdyne keeps cleaning robots up-to-date in the field with snaps

As Japan’s workforce ages, certain roles are being fulfilled by advanced robots to help bridge the gap. Cyberdyne, a Japanese robotics company, are building such robots and have rolled them out into shopping centres and Tokyo’s two main airports. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Cyberdyne’s robots are operating alongside human employees to safely and efficiently clean commercial locations.

Despite being advanced in their roll out of robots for such purposes, Cyberdyne faced the challenge of updating the devices once out in the field — particularly considering their lifespan is expected to be up to five years. Sending engineers out to individual sites or recalling the robots is

not a sustainable option or economical as their customer base scales.

Cyberdyne adopted ROS (Robotic Operating System) based on Ubuntu, snaps and the brand store to overcome this challenge and eliminate the need for manual intervention which is delivering advantages to both them and their customers.

Read the case study to learn more, including:

  • How OPEX costs and engineering overheads have been reduced through the use of snaps and the brand store
  • How Cyberdyne utilised snap deltas to reduce bandwidth requirements by 95%
  • The time to market improvements and ability to release news features
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