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Ubuntu Core 22

Ubuntu Core 22 (UC22) is the latest Ubuntu Core release, and is built on the foundations of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish). It’s the next generation of Ubuntu for embedded devices, and builds on the advances we’ve made in both Ubuntu Core 20 and Ubuntu Core 18.

New features for this release include:

  • Validation sets to permit a set of snap revisions to be installed and updated together
  • The ability to migrate devices from Ubuntu Core 20 to Ubuntu Core 22
  • A factory reset option to autonomously restore a device to its initial state
  • Quota groups to set CPU and memory resource limits per grouped snap services
  • MicroK8s support for an easily deployed, streamlined, embedded Kubernetes experience
  • Initial MAAS & cloud-init support

Previous updates to Ubuntu Core have added:

Latest image downloads

Download the latest UC22 images from:

UC22 within the wider Ubuntu Core documentation

Discover Ubuntu Core 22
Raspberry Pi and Intel NUC Raspberry Pi and Intel NUC installation guides
Upgrade to UC 22 Migrate from Ubuntu Core 20 to Ubuntu Core 22
MicroK8s on UC From installation to container deployment on a NUC or Raspberry Pi
Manage devices
Quota groups Recovery from the device, the reboot command, or API
Validation sets Create and edit validations sets
Factory reset Repair, restore or reinstall an impaired device
Build a UC22 device
Customising devices Options for hardware, kernels, and snap package
Gadget snaps Define and configure system properties
Building the image Sign the model assertion and create the image

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