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Store overview

Ubuntu Core includes access to the Canonical’s Snap Store by default. This allows any developer to easily release and support apps for multiple architectures, on multiple release channels, from daily builds to stable releases.

See Releasing to the Snap Store for more details on how to publish and distribute snaps to devices from the Snap Store.

Dedicated Snap Stores

For larger projects and ISVs, it is often a requirement to publish snaps using a brand account to a brand-specific dedicated Snap Store.

A Dedicated Snap Store allows vendors running Ubuntu Core and snap-based devices to control exactly what snaps are available, and when. It can inherit selected packages from other snap stores, and host a set of snaps specific to a brand and device models, and be either open to all developers or a specific list.

Here is an overview of how to create a brand account and define collaborators.

Registering accounts

To create an account, go to We then recommend the following process:

  • create an umbrella/brand account using the project name or name of the legal entity publishing the software
  • let each team member who releases and manages snaps register a personal account
  • grant each team member access to the snaps by adding their personal accounts as collaborators

Registering Snaps

Snaps can be registered using the snapcraft tool or via the web. Snaps should be registered using the brand/umbrella account.

Registering snaps with Snapcraft

  • install snapcraft using snap install snapcraft --classic on Linux or brew install snapcraft on macOS
  • execute snapcraft login and authenticate using the brand/umbrella account
  • once authenticated register the snap name(s) with snapcraft register yoursnapname

For more details on this process, see Registering your app name.

Registering snaps via the web


When you’ve registered snap(s) using a brand/umbrella account, you should add team members’ personal accounts to the umbrella/brand account via the Dashboard for your snap. For example:

Collaborators can then push and release snaps using their personal accounts.

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