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The account assertion ties a name for an account in the snap universe to its identifier and provides the authority’s confidence in the name’s validity.

It is created on user creation by the store, and kept there while the account exists.

The format is as follows:

type:              account
authority-id:      <authority account id>
revision:          <int>
account-id:        <account id>
display-name:      <friendly name for the account>
username:          <store user name or nick>
validation:        <uproven|certified>
timestamp:         <UTC datetime>
sign-key-sha3-384: <key id> # Encoded key id of signing key

<signature>                 # Encoded signature

The index for this assertion is the account-id. Validation certified means that the authority is confident in that the display name accurately describes the owner of the account, while unproven means that no checks have been performed on that. Header username is optional.

Running snap known account gives us a list of the account assertions that are present in the system. When a snap is installed, the owner’s account assertion is downloaded and added to this list.

An example for this assertion:

type: account
authority-id: canonical
revision: 14
account-id: mmOOPWIl0sL7FoSA0KRTt83b1eoynkBa
display-name: John Smith
timestamp: 2017-02-20T10:23:51+00:00
username: jsmith
validation: unproven
sign-key-sha3-384: C9mhxTpowHTXM3HOwgg3ZCX-WD05CczlNMdrCBbl2l0d4J_CcjYBS8NQpI-TtQlL


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