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Account assertion

The account assertion ties the name for an account in the snap universe to its store identifier and provides the authority’s confidence in the name’s validity. It is generated on user creation by the store where it’s maintained while the account exists.

Whenever a snap is installed, the account assertion linked to the owner of each snap is added to the system. To list account assertions present on a system, use the snap known account command.

Account assertion fields

The following fields can be used in an account assertion:

type:              account
authority-id:      <authority account id>
revision:          <int>
account-id:        <account id>
display-name:      <friendly name for the account>
username:          <store user name or nick>
validation:        <unproven|certified>
timestamp:         <UTC datetime>
sign-key-sha3-384: <key id> # Encoded key id of signing key

<signature>                 # Encoded signature

The index for this assertion is the account-id and the fields are typically used in the following order:

  • validation when set to certified means that the authority is confident in that the display name accurately describes the owner of the account while unproven means that no checks have been performed.
  • display-name is a human-friendly name for the account-d, while username` is an optional username associated with the account.
  • timestamp contains the UTC formatted date and time that

See Assertion format for details on fields common to most assertions.

Example assertion

The following is a typical account assertion:

type: account
authority-id: canonical
revision: 11
account-id: yBzXLuswoWh5b2gI8gxjziGARHLm64z
display-name: VideoLAN
timestamp: 2018-07-31T14:05:29.865155Z
username: videolan
validation: verified
sign-key-sha3-384: BWDEoaqyr25nF5SNCvEv2v7Qi2NGSQ32EF2d4D0hqUel3m8ul


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