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Configure shared connections

NetworkManager makes very easy to share connectivity, using the device as a gateway to which other devices can connect. That requires running commands similar to

$ nmcli c add con-name <name> type ethernet ifname <iface> ipv4.method shared ipv6.method ignore $ nmcli c up <name>

where <name> is an arbitrary name we give to the connection and <iface> is the name of the interface where external devices will connect to. In this case we are using an ethernet interface ( type ethernet ) and we provide IPv4 addresses, but this extends to other interfaces and to IPv6.

When the connection is up, NM starts a DHCP server listening on <iface> and changes the networking configuration so we can forward packages and masquerading is enabled for the interface. Of course, for this to work we need an interface different from <iface> that has to have external connectivity.

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