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Logging Messages

This section shows how to modify the logging levels by NetworkManager.

NetworkManager supports on the fly changing of the logging levels and allows for a fine grained control over what is logged.

First check what is the current logging setup, type:

$ nmcli general logging

As a result you will be presented with the information about the current configuration:

LEVEL  DOMAINS                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

It is possible to change the level either globally or for each domain separately. The command to achieve this is:

$ nmcli general logging [level <level> [domain <domain>]]

The is the desired log level. You can choose from the following:

ERR: will log only critical errors
WARN: will log warning messages
INFO: will log various informational messages
DEBUG: enables verbose logging for debugging purposes
is the category of messages that shall be logged with given severity. WIFI will include only WiFi related messages, IP4 will include only IPv4 related messages, and so on.

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