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Configure a VPN

VPN support requires both the use of core22 and network-manager from a 22/* channel. Currently, two types of VPN are supported:

Configuring an OpenVPN connection

Network Manager supports two methods to create an OpenVPN connection:

  • import an OpenVPN credentials file
  • set required parameters manually with nmcli invocations

In both cases, files used in the definition must be copied to folders where the network-manager snap has access, which is usually in SNAP_DATA or SNAP_COMMON folders.

The first method requires only that the OpenVPN configuration file is copied to one of these locations:

sudo nmcli c import type openvpn file /var/snap/network-manager/common/myopenvp.ovpn

This command needs to be run as root because it creates certificate and key files with data extracted from the configuration file. These need to be accessible by the network-manager snap, which itself runs with root id.

Using the second method requires copying around certificates and keys and creating/modifying the connection as required. For instance:

nmcli c add vpntest connection.type vpn \
    vpn.service-type org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn \
    ipv4.never-default true \
    ipv6.never-default true \ ca=/var/snap/network-manager/common/creds/server_ca.crt \ cert=/var/snap/network-manager/common/creds/user.crt \ cert-pass-flags=0 \ cipher=AES-128-CBC \ comp-lzo=adaptive \ connection-type=tls \ dev=tun \ key=/var/snap/network-manager/common/creds/user.key \ ping=10 \ ping-restart=60 \ remote=<server>:<port> \ remote-cert-tls=server \ ta=/var/snap/network-manager/common/creds/tls_auth.key \ ta-dir=1 \

Configuring a WireGuard connection

The recommended way to configure a WireGuard connection is to place a configuration file in a folder readable by the network-manager snap, such as SNAP_DATA or SNAP_COMMON folders, and to import the configuration with a command similar to the following:

 nmcli c import type WireGuard file /var/snap/nm-vpn-client/common/wg.conf

As with an OpenVPN connection, it is also possible to create a WireGuard connection using only nmcli with multiple parameters. Unfortunately, configuring peers in this way is not currently possible (see WireGuard in NetworkManager).

Configuring a VPN programmatically

To create a VPN connection programmatically, that is, from another snap, the user snap must define a content interface. The connection must have a slot that connects to the vpn-creds plug defined in the network-manager snap.

Once connected, any files necessary for the connection can be placed into the directory shared by the content interface. This folder is seen by the Network Manager snap /var/snap/network-manager/common/creds, which means that file path configuration also needs also use this prefix. After that, a connection can be created using Network Manager’s dbus interface where a connected network-manager plug is required.

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