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System requirements

Ubuntu Core provides a minimalist base that can run on a wide range of hardware, from IoT devices and PC-style platforms to industrial computing.

Requirements are flexible, but they’re generally constrained by the following minimum values.


Ubuntu Core supports various 64-bit architectures and 32-bit Arm.

  • amd64 (Intel/AMD 64-bit)
  • arm64 (64-bit Arm)
  • armhf (32-bit Arm)
  • riscv64 (64-bit RISC-V)

For specific platforms, see our list of Ubuntu certified devices.

Pre-built testing images are also available for a range of devices. See Supported testing platforms for further details.

Get in touch to discuss more constrained or specific requirements.


Minimum RAM: 512MB

It’s far more likely that devices will include much more on-board RAM, which Ubuntu Core can take full advantage of.


Minimum storage: 1GB

Most storage devices are supported, including eMMC and SSD devices. One exception is NAND flash memory, which is not supported.

We also support custom hardware storage configuration, including hardware rate configuration, as described below.

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