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Ubuntu Core

The embedded Linux OS
for devices

Ubuntu Core is a minimal, secure and strictly confined operating system powering devices around the world. Build your Ubuntu Core image today.

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An OS with all the infrastructure

Ubuntu Core is more than just your embedded Linux OS, it's your whole deployment infrastructure. Build targeted production-ready images, unlock over-the air (OTA) updates, deploy in air gap environments, manage your fleet of devices, achieve real-time operations, comply with cybersecurity requirements and more.

Ubuntu Core will transform the way you deploy devices with the longest support window in the industry — 12 years.

Continuous security

Imagine a world where every device is trustworthy. We designed every aspect of Ubuntu Core to create the most secure embedded Linux ever, with a 12 year LTS commitment.

Device management

Enjoy reliable, remotely accessible and recoverable devices which are always up-to-date with mission-critical OTA updates. In connected or air-gap environments.

Agile containerisation

Ubuntu Core is immutable and strictly confined. There is a clean separation between the kernel, OS image and applications, each updated independently and protected against corruption.

A strong hardware ecosystem

We enable Ubuntu Core with the best ODMs and silicon vendors in the world. We continuously test it on leading IoT and edge devices and hardware.

From development to deployment

Use the same kernel, the same libraries, and the same system software for a smooth transition from development to production. Once you have created your application in Ubuntu Desktop or Server, build your immutable Ubuntu Core image based on your developed applications and targeted hardware.

Deploying a device?

Ubuntu is your development environment. Ubuntu Core is your deployment OS. Whether you develop your application using C++, Rust, Python, or others – whatever tech stack you use, package and deploy it seamlessly on Ubuntu Core.

For more than 20 years, Ubuntu has provided the best development environment. Every aspect of the development process benefits from Ubuntu’s responsiveness, ease of use, regular software updates and a high degree of security.

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Snapcraft is the command-line tool for packaging your software as a snap. Snaps are containerised packages designed for deploying embedded applications, with increased performance compared to other technologies. Ubuntu Core architecture is built on snaps and each element benefits from its tooling.

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Canonical's Snap Store powers developers to host and manage software updates for their devices. It provides a trusted update infrastructure, including reliable OTA updates, delta updates, and more. Organisations can also create private marketplaces, with advanced software management for fleets of devices.

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The right OS for your devices. Ubuntu Core is a strictly confined and immutable embedded Linux OS. Build your Ubuntu Core image for your application and targeted hardware, and enjoy a fully managed, secure, and 12-year LTS production image.

Learn more about Ubuntu Core ›

For smart use cases. Get Core. Get snaps. Get going.

Ubuntu core customer stories


Bosch Rexroth reinvents automation

Bosch adopts Ubuntu Core and snaps for app-based ctrl-X industry 4.0 platform.

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Pudo deploys fleet for robust last-mile logistics

Pudo chooses Ubuntu Core as the foundation for its IoT-based APMs to maximise security and uptime.

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Rigado cuts customers’ time to market

Ubuntu Core enables Rigado to manage end-to-end security for commercial IoT gateways.

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IBM Cloud provides highly isolated and performant bare metal servers

IBM Cloud's bare metal servers offer highly isolated and high-performing tenant-cloud isolation through the use of Ubuntu Core.

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