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36 posts from July 2015

Conducting Systems & Services: An Evening About Orchestration

By Jorge O. Castro, 31 July 2015

Orchestration of containers is one of the hottest topics in devops. Prior to Dockercon this year we thought it would be a great idea to bring in some of the...

ODS Video: Making Large-scale Data Centre Deployment Easy With MAAS

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, 30 July 2015

Why has cloud computing been so successful? Arguably, it’s the 70s-style pay-as-you-go model of computing that allows companies a low-cost way to build a...

Spreedbox – most private video chat and file exchange

By Maarten Ectors, 30 July 2015

This is a guest post by Struktur AG. Today, most organizations use online services for communication and often have confidential data shared and stored with...

Juju & Kubernetes: The power of components

By Charles Butler, 30 July 2015

While dogfooding my own work, I decided it was time to upgrade my distributeddocker services into the shiny Kubernetes charms now that 1.0 landed last...

ODS Video: OpenStack Interoperability Lab

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, 29 July 2015

As OpenStack cloud innovation progresses, we’re focused on finding ways to fully automate OpenStack deployment. As regular readers know, part of this goal...

Big Data: Moving from Complexity to Simplicity with Juju & Azure

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, 29 July 2015

Last month, we collaborated with Microsoft to hold two events in Austin and Los Angeles to showcase the power of Juju on Azure. Juju embeds DevOps best...

Voting begins for OpenStack Tokyo talks

By Mark Baker, 27 July 2015

We’ve submitted several talks to the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo in Vancouver. We’ve listed them all below with links to where to vote for each talk so if you...

ODS Video: Driving quality control into OpenStack cloud development

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou, 27 July 2015

How do we make sure Ubuntu offers the best possible ecosystem of both hardware and software components for OpenStack? Chris Kenyon talks about how we’re...

Canonical Cloud Chatter: July 2015 Newsletter

By Canonical, 24 July 2015

School’s out for the summer – in the Northern Hemisphere – but we’ve been busy planning Juju workshops, adding new locations to our popular Ubuntu OpenStack...

Converting old guidelines to vanilla

By Richard McCartney, 24 July 2015

How the previous guidelines worked Guidelines essentially is a framework built by the Canonical web design team. The whole framework has an array of tools to...

Azul Systems joins Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme

By Canonical, 23 July 2015

DevOps Teams to be “Charmed” by Zulu, Azul’s 100% Open Source JDK DevOps teams will be able to deploy cloud-based, tested and certified open source Java...

More Juju, Big Data and Snappy Beauty from Dataart

By Maarten Ectors, 23 July 2015

What do you get when you combine Juju with Spark & Apache Zeppelin, Raspberry Pi with Snappy, Bluetooth Low Energy, DeviceHive and a TI SensorTag? Check out...

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