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187 posts from 2013

Messaging interaction

By Canonical, 23 December 2013

We’ve currently been working on user interaction for sending and deleting multiple SMSs and we thought it would be nice to show you where we’re going with it....

Making the world more secure, instantly

By Canonical, 20 December 2013

Nobody likes to remember lots of different passwords. This is why most enterprises have implemented single sign-on (SSO) solutions. You just sign in one time...

Latest from the web team — December 2013

By Inayaili de León Persson, 19 December 2013

This month we’ve been working hard trying to wrap up as much as we can before the holidays and planning for 2014. In the last few weeks we’ve worked on:...

Stakeholder interviews as a research method

By Carla Berkers, 19 December 2013

I’d like to share my experience working on the project that has been my main focus over the past months: the redesign of Research methods As I...

The new Ubuntu icons

By Matthieu James, 18 December 2013

During last month’s vUDS we showcased the latest design explorations for the new Ubuntu icon theme. Here is a summary of what we presented. Our objectives...

Ubuntu Desktop: a proven, leading-edge, low-cost OS perfect for education

By Canonical, 17 December 2013

Ubuntu is becoming more and more popular in the education sector globally. Every day millions of students conduct research, produce assignments, correspond...

Juju: a robust cloud strategy built on choice

By Canonical, 17 December 2013

Ubuntu is the reference platform for scale out computing.  Some manifestations of scale out computing include: edge of network workloads, dev/test...

Ubuntu and HP: a successful team in the education sector

By Canonical, 11 December 2013

Ubuntu and Hewlett-Packard have shipped over one and a half million laptops directly into education. These were bought by both individuals, and institutions....

More options for app development in Ubuntu on phones with Apache Cordova

By Canonical, 10 December 2013

Canonical opens the doors to over 400,000 web developers with the announcement that Apache Cordova 3.3 will support Ubuntu. This makes it really easy for...

Open source economics | Ubuntu at Le Web 2013, Paris

By Canonical, 9 December 2013

Cost and influence on product development are widely accepted and essential considerations when bringing innovative technological products to market. Today...

Pioneering community develops app for Evernote

By Canonical, 9 December 2013

Over 300 Ubuntu community developers registered their interest and willingness to work on the open-source Evernote-powered app for Ubuntu on phones, following...

App Design Clinic #6

By Canonical, 5 December 2013

We have been running the app design clinic every two weeks to answer any questions from community designers and developers on the apps they are working on!...

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