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Pioneering community develops app for Evernote


on 9 December 2013

This article was last updated 9 years ago.

Over 300 Ubuntu community developers registered their interest and willingness to work on the open-source Evernote-powered app for Ubuntu on phones, following a call for members back in September.

A team of 10 have been finalised and work has begun, the scope of the project defined and initial wireframes designed.

This project is pioneering in the mobile marketplace as it brings together some of the best developers from the open-source community with Evernote, the leading note taking service, in order to create the first third party integration of Evernote on Ubuntu for smartphones.

The community will develop the application in full, supported by design guidance from Evernote’s API team.  For application owners this model is a way to connect to skilled developers, and get a great app released on Ubuntu, fast.

We believe this collaborative way of working has great potential for the future of the mobile app development.

At Canonical we’re excited by the response of the developer community and within the Evernote team for this project.  We designed Ubuntu to give developers multiple options to bring their apps to the platform. This strengthens the growth of the mobile ecosystem as well as giving a truly unique consumer experience for end users.  It’s exciting to see the pioneering projects in that trend.

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