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Charles Butler

Software Engineer

Charles currently works on the Juju data center orchestration platform as a charmer. His prior work includes building the #5 Pittsburgh PA Digital Marketing Agency: Level Interactive, and performing community Q/A with many Open Source projects.

10 posts by Charles Butler

Cloud and server

Monitoring “big software” stacks with the Elastic Stack

by Charles Butler on 22 September 2016

Big​ ​Software​ ​is​ ​a​ ​new​ ​class​ ​of​ ​application.​ ​It’s​ ​composed​ ​of​ ​so​ ​many moving​ ​pieces​ ​that​ ​humans,​ ​by​ ​themselves,​ ​cannot​...

Cloud and server

Layer Docker deep dive

by Charles Butler on 5 August 2016

Juju is all about modeling your application. That means that an application can be in a docker container, use a configuration management utility on top of a...

Cloud and server

Charming 2.0 – Now with 100% more awesome Pt.2

by Charles Butler on 26 October 2015

Continuing from my blog last week, lets rewind to looking at a basic bash based historical charm. ├── config.yaml ├── hooks │   ├── config-changed │   ├──...

Cloud and server

Charming 2.0 – Now with 100% more awesome

by Charles Butler on 22 October 2015

Editors Note: This post is one of many in a series covering the newpatterns in charming. This first post will be information heavy andcover a walkthrough of...

Cloud and server

Juju & Kubernetes: The power of components

by Charles Butler on 30 July 2015

While dogfooding my own work, I decided it was time to upgrade my distributeddocker services into the shiny Kubernetes charms now that 1.0 landed last...

Cloud and server

Launch the newly released kubernetes 1.0.0 with Juju

by Charles Butler on 21 July 2015

Kubernetes 1.0 launched today!And in the spirit of Kubernetes reaching this major milestone, we’ve beentracking upstream development to enable a strong story...

Cloud and server

Continuous Integration with Juju and Drone CI

by Charles Butler on 15 July 2015

PreambleDelivering your Charms to the community can seem like an uphill climb when youhave minimal and manual testing around your project. The ~charmer review...

Cloud and server

Automate DNS with Juju

by Charles Butler on 13 July 2015

Announcing Third Party Support for the DNS CharmTo anybody that followed the DNS charmdevelopment last year I had a lofty goal of introducing a third party...

Cloud and server

Unofficial Juju Docker Images

by Charles Butler on 10 July 2015

Using Juju in Docker for your projectsEarly this year the juju-solutions team has been experimenting with Juju inDocker – namely for isolation, and...

Cloud and server

Expediting local isolation with Docker and Juju

by Charles Butler on 16 April 2015

As a Juju charmer, I often find myself irate at the level of dependencies I’m installing on my workstation just to review OPC (Other Peoples Code). Though...