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Spreedbox – most private video chat and file exchange

This is a guest post by Struktur AG.

Today, most organizations use online services for communication and often have confidential data shared and stored with service providers. Just think of Google®, Skype®, WebEx®, GoToMeeting®, BlueJeans® and many others. You may already have used these services to video conference, share files, keep your address books and stay in touch. All great features, without a doubt. But where is your data? Who has access to it? Confidential conversations, files, videos and personal contacts are uploaded and shared with these service providers without having an adequate service and privacy agreement that meets your requirements in privacy and confidentiality.

Your Data, Your Control 

This is where the Spreedbox comes in. The Spreedbox allows you to take back ownership of your data. The Spreedbox empowers you to operate your own secure audio/video chat, messaging and file sharing service with the highest measurements for control and security of your own data. It is your own video meeting and file sharing service that can be available on computers, mobile phones and tablets through the Internet or limited to an Intranet. Your data always stays on your Spreedbox. Make a call, invite your friends and clients, and collaborate in closed groups through video/audio, text messaging, and document and file sharing. You can access your private data in an easy-to-use web interface with PC, Android and iOS devices.

Open Source

The Spreedbox software is free and published under open source AGPL license that gives you the right to examine, share and modify it. An international community of software engineers and volunteer contributors developed the server software and you are invited to get involved, too.

Better-and-better-and-better Security

The Spreedbox runs Snappy Ubuntu Core Linux operating system, providing world-leading security as transactional components with rigorous application isolation. It is the smallest and safest Linux OS ever. With our secure algorithms, the high-speed ARM 4-core CPU and an off-the-silicon secure hardware key-generator (TRNG), the Spreedbox features an outstanding cryptographic budget well above any industry standard.

Use One, Deploy Many

The Spreedbox is instantly ready to use. You only need one Spreedbox to securely meet with up to 6 people in a session where you can use video/audio, share files and collaborate on documents. You can have up to 10 group sessions in parallel each with 6 attendees. This accounts for an awesome capacity of real-time meetings being held by up to 60 people at any given time – all with one Spreedbox.

One Last Thing

As the Spreedbox is your own cloudless service you can video chat and share globally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are no fees, no subscriptions and no running costs.*

*Electricity and Internet connectivity is on your account.


Our friends at Struktur have used Snappy on top of an Odroid to build the Spreedbox. They are very active in the Snappy and open source community and a such we wanted to thank them. If you are worried about your privacy then check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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