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Enable FedRAMP compliance with Ubuntu Pro

Achieve FedRAMP Authority to Operate and bring your cloud service offerings to the US Federal Government marketplace with the help of Ubuntu Pro. Meet the most demanding security baseline controls within your technology stack.

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Why choose Canonical
for your FedRAMP journey

Security patching made easy

FIPS-certified crypto modules

System hardening

Trusted by professionals

Ubuntu Pro enables our engineering teams to focus on delivering industry-leading products and services to Acquia customers. Canonical's transparency and patching expedience give me peace of mind that we are providing the most secure and compelling solutions to power innovative digital experiences.

Robert Former

Chief Information Security Officer, Acquia

FIPS 140 certified Ubuntu Images on AWS fulfil our FedRAMP compliance requirements. With enterprise-grade Ubuntu Pro support backed by Canonical's 10-year security maintenance commitment, we provide critical infrastructure for some of the world's most famous brands.

Patrick Kaeding

Security Engineer, LaunchDarkly

What is FedRAMP
and who needs it?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a US federal government-wide security and compliance program for cloud service providers. In order for federal agencies to use cloud services, the provider must be FedRAMP authorised. The security controls within FedRAMP are based on the NIST SP 800-53 standard.

What Canonical can provide

Patching security vulnerabilities

Canonical provides 10 years of security patching for software applications and infrastructure components within the Ubuntu ecosystem. FedRAMP requires you to fix high-risk vulnerabilities within 30 days. Since starting out 20 years ago, Canonical has released patches for critical vulnerabilities within 24 hours.

FIPS-certified crypto modules

Ubuntu Pro provides FIPS 140 certified cryptographic modules that are a direct drop-in replacement for the standard cryptography libraries which ship with Ubuntu by default. These libraries make it easy for you to deploy applications that use cryptographic algorithms and protocols in accordance with the FIPS 140 standard.

System hardening

The Ubuntu Security Guide allows you to harden critical systems, locking them down to approved industry standards including the CIS benchmarks and DISA STIG. This functionality enables automated auditing and remediation for the hundreds of rules specified within the hardening benchmarks.

Available on-prem
and in the cloud

Take the next step towards FedRAMP compliance

Canonical is a software distributor rather than a service provider, and as such we are not FedRAMP certified ourselves, but we provide Ubuntu Pro that enables our customers to meet these specific technology requirements within the baseline controls.

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