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Maximizing security and compliance in the US public sector with Ubuntu Pro

Solving compliance complexity with Ubuntu Pro

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Navigating the maze of complex compliance requirements facing the US Public Sector is a daunting prospect. Confusing abbreviations and terminology only make charting this course more difficult. In the first part of this whitepaper we discuss the relevant regulations and outline what they mean for end users and administrators deploying or configuring their IT infrastructure. If you’re looking to understand what FIPS, FedRAMP and DISA-STIG are all about, this whitepaper is for you.

Open source adoption in the public sector

Open source software is being rapidly adopted by organisations worldwide, including the US Public Sector, and when it comes to Linux distributions Ubuntu has been a popular choice for many years. Ubuntu is loved by developers, and is the most widely deployed operating system in the cloud.

The second part of this whitepaper describes Ubuntu Pro, an enterprise subscription built on top of Ubuntu that brings you the security and compliance features needed to operate in the US Public Sector. With Ubuntu Pro, you can manage Ubuntu securely on desktops and servers, and make your developers and users happy while meeting auditors’ requirements.

We will cover the following topics:

  • FIPS 140 crypto modules
  • DISA STIG hardening
  • Security patching for FedRAMP
  • Controlled access management with Active Directory integration
  • Landscape for system administration
  • Ubuntu in air-gapped environments
  • Compliance automation on public clouds

Learn more about Ubuntu and FIPS compliance or ask us any questions you have.

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