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Supported versions

Charmed Kubernetes officially supports the three (3) most recent minor releases of Kubernetes.

Current release: 1.27

Supported releases: 1.27.x, 1.26.x, 1.25.x

Charmed Kubernetes bundle versions hosts Charmed Kubernetes bundles as well as individual charms. To deploy the latest stable bundle, run the command:

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes

It is also possible to deploy a specific version of the bundle by including the --channel argument. For example, to deploy the Charmed Kubernetes bundle for the Kubernetes 1.26 release, run the command:

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes --channel=1.26/stable

It is still possible to deploy older, unsupported versions of Charmed Kubernetes. Older bundle files are available for download in the releases directory of the Charmed Kubernetes bundle repository. These can be downloaded and deployed with Juju as with any local bundle file.

Note: Only the latest three versions of Charmed Kubernetes are supported at any time.

Professional support

For additional support, learn more about Ubuntu Pro as well as managed Kubernetes solutions from Canonical.

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