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Integrate Charmed Kubernetes with your cloud

The vanilla installation of Kubernetes as provided by Charmed Kubernetes doesn't presume which cloud infrastructure the charms may be running on, providing the same Kubernetes experience regardless of the underlying cloud. But there are many cases a cloud operator would like to take advantage of specific features from the cloud provider.

Many features like Storage Drivers (CSIs), Network Drivers (CNIs), authentication integration and others, require the Kubernetes control plane to have authorisation to contact the cloud-provider APIs and request access to these features. The specifics of these are handled by the respective charm for that cloud.

For example

If the Charmed Kubernetes installation is on Azure compute nodes, one may wish to use AzureDisk for volumes mapped into their deployments. Charmed Kubernetes provides a means of installing the azure-cloud-provider charm which will apply the appropriate manifests for AzureDisk integration based on the release and relations in the cluster.

Further Reading

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