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Charm list

This appendix lists the supported Ceph charms along with their purpose.

Charm name Charm purpose
ceph-dashboard* It deploys the Ceph Dashboard.
ceph-fs It deploys the Ceph metadata server daemon (MDS).
ceph-iscsi It deploys the Ceph iSCSI Gateway service.
ceph-mon It deploys Ceph monitor nodes.
ceph-osd It deploys Ceph object storage daemons (OSD) and manages their volumes.
ceph-proxy It joins an external, non-charmed Ceph cluster to a Juju model.
ceph-radosgw It deploys the Ceph RADOS Gateway service.
ceph-rbd-mirror It deploys the Ceph rbd-mirror daemon and helps manage the mirroring of Ceph pools used for hosting RBD images.

The links provided above point to entries in the Charm Store. The actual software repositories are found on

* Charm currently in tech-preview.

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