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Upgrade notes

This appendix collects known issues related either directly to the development of the Ceph charms, to upstream Ceph affecting the Ceph charms, or to integration projects affecting the use of the Ceph charms.

OpenStack os-brick, Ceph Octopus, and Focal

The Ceph RBD Mirror and Cinder Backup Swift Proxy charms do not work with Ceph Octopus due to an issue with the upstream OpenStack os-brick library (see bug LP #1865754). As Octopus is the default Ceph version on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal) these charms cannot be used on Focal until the issue is resolved. Here are the resulting charm-specific behaviours:

  • ceph-rbd-mirror charm: The charm will enter a blocked state after configuring pool mirroring (see bug LP #1879749).

  • cinder-backup-swift-proxy charm: If a backup volume operation is performed the resulting volume will be in error (see bug LP #1890821).

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