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Designing product page templates for

by Francesca Granato on 10 October 2017

During our user testing sessions on, we often receive feedback from users about content on the site (“I can’t find this”, “I’d like more of that”...


Command-line usability: A terminal user’s thought process

by Robin Winslow on 8 September 2017

I’ve been thinking about the usability of command-line terminals a lot recently. Command-line interfaces remain mystifying to many people. Usability hobbyists...


Webteam development summary

by Anthony Dillon on 6 September 2017

Iteration 6 dating between 14th to the 25th of August This iteration saw a lot of work on and on the migration of from...


Cookie notification component

by Anthony Dillon on 22 August 2017

We’ve all seen the annoying cookie notification which website owners are legally obliged to include on their sites. We can’t avoid them, so let’s have some...


Vanilla Framework has a new website

by Inayaili de León Persson on 14 August 2017

We’re happy to announce the long overdue Vanilla Framework website, where you can find all the relevant links and resources needed to start using Vanilla.  ...


Simplifying local development: The ./run executable

by Robin Winslow on 5 July 2017

Canonical’s webteam manage over 18 websites as well as many supporting projects and frameworks. These projects are built with any combination of Python, Ruby,...



by Matthew Paul Thomas on 3 July 2017

Many open-source software developers use GitHub. Let’s make it as easy as possible for them to build and release their code automatically.


June’s reading list

by Inayaili de León Persson on 3 July 2017

Here are the best links shared by the design team in June 2017: How I Create Talks Technical Speaker Starter Kit 4 Things I Know About Pattern Libraries The...


May’s reading list

by Inayaili de León Persson on 1 June 2017

Here are the best links shared by the design team in May 2017: Introducing a faster BBC News front page Brick Block Create storyboards for your animations...


Our open source websites

by Robin Winslow on 31 May 2017

Nowadays free software is everywhere – from browsers to encryption software to operating systems. Even so, it is still relatively rare for the code behind...


April’s reading list

by Inayaili de León Persson on 2 May 2017

Here are the best links shared by the design team in April 2017: Joe Coleman: Sliding degrees of ‘hard sell’ Mockuuups Studio & Sketch Reasons to conference...


Designing in the open

by Anthony Dillon on 25 April 2017

Over the past year, a change has emerged in the design team here at Canonical: we’ve started designing our websites and apps in public GitHub repositories,...