Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

by Canonical on 20 November 2015

Today we celebrate our amazing Ubuntu Community and show our appreciation for all the hard work put into making Ubuntu what it is today. Ubuntu is not just an operating system, it is a whole community …


Community interview – Dan Chapman

by James Mulholland on 14 October 2015

We sat down with Dekko star Dan Chapman to get an insight into how he got involved with Ubuntu and his excitement for the release of the Pocket Desktop. Dan has been an active member of …


Ubuntu Music App behind the scenes

by Canonical on 6 March 2015

Ubuntu community devs Andrew Hayzen and Victor Thompson chat with lead designer Jouni Helminen. Andrew and Victor have been working in open source projects for a couple of years and have done a great job on …


Community interview: Victor Thompson and Andrew Hayzen

by Canonical on 13 November 2014

Victor and Andrew are two inspiring Community developers that have devoted their spare time to contribute to the Ubuntu Touch Music App team. I sat down with them during the Washington Device Sprint in October where …


Community interview: Riccardo Padovani and Filippo Scognamiglio

by Canonical on 4 November 2014

We sat down with some of Ubuntu’s unsung Community heroes at the recent Devices Sprint in Washington D.C. Riccardo and Filippo are two young and passionate developers who have adapted their own software to benefit the …


London OpenStack & MySQL Meetups May 23rd

by Mark Baker on 13 May 2013

If you are interested in either OpenStack or MySQL (or both) then you need to know about 2 meetups running the evening of May 23rd in London. The London OpenStack meetup. This is the 3rd meeting …

Phone and tablet

Rapid progress keeps development on target

by Canonical on 11 April 2013

An interview with Richard Collins, product manager for Ubuntu phones.


The Unity design process (and how you can play a part in it)

by Canonical on 16 February 2012

How is Unity designed? How can I contribute to this process? Why did you make thus and such decision? The Unity Design Team is frequently asked these questions, and this article aims to de-mystify our design …


Ubuntu Brand Guidelines get their own site

by Inayaili de León Persson on 27 January 2012

If you’ve ever had to create Ubuntu or Canonical related design materials, chances are you had a look at the Brand Guidelines, which, until now, have only existed in the form of bulky PDFs. Those days …


Most northerly Ubuntu fan?

by Canonical on 4 July 2011

This week we got a fun update from our traveling team member Ivanka! While passing through Dawson City in northern Canada Ivanka and Nick met Chalsie Warren and she recognised the Ubuntu stickers on their bike! …


Bright, light and beautiful!

by Canonical on 13 January 2011

That’s what we want the Ubuntu desktops in Natty to feel like. We’re changing things a little bit for the coming release too. We’ll still feature some fantastic photography sourced from our Flickr group but this …


Papercuts: Litmus test

by Canonical on 26 November 2010

Papercuts Natty cycle depends on you!What’s new this cycle and How you can get involved.