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Expanding the Spice Rack

In just a few short weeks, Ubuntu and the various official Ubuntu flavours will release version 23.04 dubbed Lunar Lobster. This cycle will be a bit more spicy with the introduction of two new members to the Ubuntu flavour family.


Edubuntu Desktop

The first of the new flavours is an old face from Ubuntu history. Edubuntu was once an official Ubuntu edition that sought to bring the freedom of the Linux desktop and the vast library of open source education software into the classroom. Almost a decade later, Edubuntu has been resurrected by Amy and Erich Eichmeyer. Amy, an early childhood educator, and Erich, the project lead for Ubuntu Studio, felt inspired to revive the project after attending the Ubuntu Summit in fall of 2022. This revitalised Edubuntu carries with it the same mission of its predecessor built upon the latest Ubuntu desktop plus some helpful tools crafted with educators in mind. Edubuntu provides a fast, stable, secure and privacy conscious option for schools, universities and other institutions of learning.

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Ubuntu Cinnamon

Ubuntu Cinnamon Desktop

Originating as a community remix, Ubuntu Cinnamon combines the flagship Cinnamon desktop from the Linux Mint project with the stable and powerful base of Ubuntu. Flavour lead Joshua Peisach and the Ubuntu Cinnamon team adopted the mantra “Keep everything simple” by shipping a familiar desktop with a curated selection of popular desktop applications and access to many more packages and snaps via the Ubuntu Software utility. Users who enjoy customising their desktop will be pleased to find a robust selection of themes and desktop applets aptly called spices for all their workspace tailoring needs.

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Minimal Mention

While not a new flavour, the Xubuntu team will be releasing a new minimal version of their XFCE powered desktop for Lunar Lobster. This new slimmed down image provides a smaller install footprint by shipping with a streamlined desktop and a limited number of essential applications. Xubuntu Minimal provides an appealing option for storage conscious users or those looking for a solid base to build their own projects upon.

A Flavour for Everyone

Flavours are an integral part of the Ubuntu community that allow users to experience Ubuntu in their own preferred way. The diversity of our flavours are reflections of the incredible communities that empower them. The addition of Edubuntu and Ubuntu Cinnamon help make our community an even more colourful and flavourful place to be.

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