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The Coronation of a New Mascot: Noble Numbat

Whether it’s via a popular vote, divine providence or magical women lying in ponds distributing swords, it has often been individuals of great renown or noble birth who have ascended to the throne. On the eve of our 20th anniversary, we are thrilled to present the Noble Numbat, our mascot for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. 

Humble beginnings 

The numbat, a small enigmatic marsupial from Australia may not be the first creature that comes to mind when one ponders nobility. However, looks can be deceiving. These incredible and endangered species are actually pocket size anteaters which live purely on ants that they catch with a tongue a third the length of their body. With a back of black and white stripes much like a kingly robe, they were elected as the state animal emblem of Western Australia. The numbat is a testament that those from humble beginnings can make their mark on the world.

A crowning achievement

Ubuntu, in the same regard, has grown from a fledgling dream of a more human-friendly Linux into a trusted platform that powers millions of devices around the world. For this LTS (long term support) release we wanted to capture that essence of grandeur and the stateliness of our small Myrmecobiidae friend. 

We are very excited to unveil and crown the official mascot wallpaper. Give your computer or phone a majestic upgrade by downloading these Noble Numbat Wallpapers in a variety of formats and sizes. 

Art of the round table

This majestic wallpaper will be joined by a collection of others from the current incarnation of the Ubuntu Wallpaper Competition. This year’s competition has attracted other Numbat contestants, exciting scenery from the land of the Numbat, and abstract art in honor of their majesty. We cordially invite you to behold the distinguished recipients of this year’s accolades:


Fuwafuwa Nanbatto-san by @amaral
Little numbat boy by @azskalt

Digital art

Province of the South of France by @orbitelambda
Monument Valley (Arizona) by @orbitelambda


Mount Fuji, Japan by @amaral
Northan Lights by @mizuno-as


Lightbulb Rainbow by @audioaddict
Clouds by @moka-hun

Get involved

In the grand tapestry of our Ubuntu realm, the Ubuntu Wallpaper Competition stands as one avenue for you, esteemed allies and artisans, to contribute to our vibrant community. I invite you to explore the many ways to join our collective endeavor. Venture to  and enrich Ubuntu with your creativity and collaboration.

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