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Ubuntu Summit — Calling All Proposals

This article is more than 1 year old.

Calling All Talk/Workshop Proposals

In case you haven’t heard the good news, the Ubuntu Summit is a community-focused event taking place in Prague, Czech Republic from November 7–9th!

The Ubuntu Summit Organising Committee would like to bring your attention to our open Call For Proposals. Until September 30th, we are open to your abstract submissions for talks and workshops. (Don’t worry, your entire presentation does not need to be ready just yet!) If your abstract is accepted, we will offer to sponsor your attendance to join us in Prague, Czech Republic!

What kinds of abstracts are sought after?


We want abstracts that showcase anything that has been part of your Ubuntu journey. Have you contributed to projects that improve the gaming experience on Ubuntu? Are you a professional designer that uses open source tools to be creative? Are you passionate about making robots that are running Ubuntu Core? Have you done something really neat with WSL? You get the idea.

In our experience, most people that are passionate about these topics tend to drive improvements in their ecosystems for the better. We want to hear about how you’ve done that and what challenges you face. 

Why should you submit an abstract?

The Ubuntu Summit will be a gathering of fabulous community members and companies alike. This is your chance to tell your open source story, in person, to a group of like-minded people! Besides the benefit of interacting with a community near and dear to your heart, there are some other flashy reasons why you should submit your proposal today:

  • It only costs a small amount of your time to submit an abstract in exchange for an exciting opportunity. .
  • Ubuntu Summit is a live streamed event, and sessions are recorded. Tell the world about what you’ve been up to lately!
  • Podcasters, YouTubers, and Linux journalists may create content based on your talk.
  • You have the opportunity to present a talk or workshop to a very diverse audience.
  • Giving a public talk looks attractive on your resume!

What happens if your abstract is accepted?

If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to join us in Prague to deliver your presentation and participate in the entirety of the Ubuntu Summit. Your travel, hotel, and meals are provided, courtesy of Canonical.

Your invitation will connect you with our travel agency to book your travel, and we will reserve a room for you at the event location, the Hilton in Prague.

How do you submit your abstract?

This all sounds so attractive, how can you pass up the opportunity to share and mingle with others?


Your Ubuntu One account is how you can log into our events platform, to register and submit an abstract. No matter if you have an account or not, clicking on “Login” on our events platform will take you to Ubuntu One for sign-up and login. 

Conference Registration

If you are ready to travel, regardless of if you will speak at the event, make sure you register for in-person attendance. As we have limited seats, you will need to “Apply” for registration, but we will generally accept everyone until we reach the capacity. If you are not sure yet, go ahead and join us remotely

Submitting an Abstract

Once you’ve put some thought into your proposal, head over to the call for abstracts page and click on “Submit new abstract”. Here are some tips on putting together a solid proposal:

Title and Content: The Content section is the elevator pitch for us and those potentially interested in joining your talk. The title shows in the timetable that will be published closer to the event, and there will be an event-specific page with more background and information about yourself. Here are a few questions to think about in case you need help putting together your abstract:

  • The session title should get people interested in your topic. If you read it in a full schedule, would you click on it to learn more?
  • Provide background about the project or topic you’ll be presenting. Make sure it also appeals to people who don’t (yet) know much about the technology.
  • What is known and what is unknown about the topic?
  • What will you be talking about during the session? How did you solve the problem at hand?
  • What will participants learn by the end of the session?
  • How do people get involved once they’ve completed your session? 

Tracks: We’ve put together 6 tracks to categorise your session and give participants an idea of what to expect at the conference. Head to our tracks page to learn more and decide how your session fits in.

Authors and Bio: Add yourself, and anyone else presenting with you, as authors to your proposal. Other authors will need to sign in to our events platform at least once for you to find them in the search. The page about your session will show information about the presenters, so make sure you fill in a short bio and attach a picture to tell us who you all are.

And that’s it! Complete the form and wait for a reply. You will hear from us on or before October 14th, 2022.  Interested in staying up to date with general news about the Summit? Sign up to the Summit News

Thank you so much for your submission and we look forward to hearing your amazing talk!

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