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Meet us at Kubeflow Summit 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

Kubeflow summit aims to bring together users, contributors and professionals who benefit from the open-source MLOps platform. After two unusual years, in 2022 the community decided to take a step further and organise two days that will be all about…Kubeflow

So…where and when do we meet? Either virtually or in person, at AMA Conference Center in San Francisco, the Kubeflow summit takes place between 18-19 October. The Kubeflow community are the organisers. The summit is free of charge but registration is required.

Kubeflow summit: why join?

Organised into two days, Day 1 is dedicated to Kubeflow users. It’s going to have presentations from experts, as well as hands-on workshops. Day 2 is dedicated to Kubeflow contributors and the community. It will include discussions about the operational and administrative aspects of the community.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to learn about the project directly from its founders,  David Aronchick and Jeremy Lewi. Furthermore, Kubeflow experts from big enterprises that benefit from the MLOps platform, such as Samsung or Pinterest, are going to present their use cases.

The entire agenda is available. Register now and joins us at Kubeflow Summit

Save your seat!

Meet Canonical there

Canonical has invested in Kubeflow since its early days. With a few versions and tonnes of experience, we are happy to be part of the Kubeflow Summit. As part of the community, we consider it important to spread the word about events that bring people and technology together and..let’s be honest, we are excited to meet some of our fellow allies who make Kubeflow happen.

At the event, Dominik Fleischman is going to lead the session about next year’s upcoming release. He is the release manager and is going to walk us through the latest and greatest features that Kubeflow 1.7 is going to bring. Andreea Munteanu, MLOps product manager, is going to offer a lighting talk about Canonical’s distribution, Charmed Kubeflow. It’s going to be focused on the open-source world and the importance of having a production-level solution that is available to the community 

We are excited to be there, aren’t you? Don’t forget to register now and save your spot. It’s free to attend. The lineup brings together presentations from Pinterest, Roblox, Google, BentoML, Arrikto and Canonical, but we’re particularly excited about engaging with the community. 

See you soon!


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