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Kudos for Kudu Customization

Aaron Prisk

on 30 November 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

As awesome as the default Kinetic Kudu desktop is, we know many Ubuntu users love to customize their workspace. If you count yourself among that crowd, you’ll be pleased to know that Ubuntu 22.10 comes packed with some incredible backgrounds from our most recent Wallpaper Competition. 

The community was given the difficult task of reviewing nearly 50 amazing submissions from their fellow community members and choosing their favorites. The initial plan was to include the top 5 into the Kudu release, but due to a surprise tie, a bonus 6th wallpaper was included! 

Here are the chosen winners:

“Reflection” by juliettetaka
“Obersee” by UNakade
“Sunset Over Lake Lugano” by doctor-rover
“Twisted Gradients” by g0b
“Kinetic Kudu (with light and dark theme)” by jt05
“Saffron” by rakeshkryadav

You can view and download all of the excellent submissions over on the original Ubuntu discourse post. The Community Team would like to thank all of those who submitted an entry, voted and helped spread the word. The wallpaper contest is just one of many ways you can help contribute to the Ubuntu ecosystem. To see the many ways you can get involved, check out the official Ubuntu wiki.

More ways to make Kinetic kick

A fresh wallpaper isn’t the only way to make Ubuntu Kinetic Kudu yours. Here are some other ways to give your desktop that personalized flair:

Try out Dark Mode

Not only does it save your eyes, it also looks really cool. You can enable it in the Appearance section in Settings.

Or via quick toggle in the handy new Quick Settings menu.

Change the Accent Color

Orange and purple aren’t your colors? No problem! You can easily change Ubuntu’s accent color in the Appearance section in Settings.

Change the Dock Position

🎵 Slide to the left, slide to the right, can you go down low? 🎵 

The answer is YES. You can change the position, size and visibility of the Ubuntu dock anytime in the Ubuntu Desktop section in Settings.

Take an Ubuntu flavor for a Test Drive

If you really want to mix things up, why not sample one of the many official Ubuntu flavors?

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