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35 posts from April 2023

Upgrade your existing Ubuntu LTS instances to Ubuntu Pro in AWS

By Carlos Bravo, 28 April 2023

In April 2023, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released a new functionality that allows users running Ubuntu LTS to upgrade their instances to Ubuntu Pro with just...

Optimise your ROS snap – Part 6

By gbeuzeboc, 27 April 2023

Welcome to Part 6 of our “Optimise your ROS snap” blog series. Make sure to check Part 5. This sixth and final part will  summarise every optimisation that we...

No more DHCP(d)

By Bill Wear, 26 April 2023

“He’s dead, Jim.”  Dr. McCoy DHCP is dead; long live DHCP. Yes, the end-of-life announcement for ISC DHCP means that the ISC will no longer provide official...

ChatGPT uncertain about the future of cloud computing

By Tytus Kurek, 26 April 2023

ChatGPT has been the talk of the town for more than four months now. As the first ever artificial intelligence (AI) -powered chatbot, it has quickly gained...

Ubuntu Pro is now part of the AWS EC2 console

By Carlos Bravo, 25 April 2023

We are happy to announce that Ubuntu Pro is now available as a native product on AWS. You can now enjoy premium enhanced security coverage for your Ubuntu...

Try Ubuntu confidential VMs with Intel TDX today: limited preview now available on Azure

By ijlal-loutfi, 25 April 2023

On behalf of the Canonical confidential computing team, I am happy to announce the limited preview of Ubuntu Confidential VMs with Intel TDX on Microsoft...

Optimise your ROS snap – Part 5

By gbeuzeboc, 24 April 2023

Welcome to Part 5 of our “Optimise your ROS snap” blog series. Make sure to check Part 4. This fifth part is going to cover two different optimisations. The...

US Public Sector regulatory compliance with Ubuntu Pro and AWS GovCloud

By Massimiliano Gori, 22 April 2023

Ubuntu Pro is available for AWS GovCloud, where it combines comprehensive open-source security with the aforementioned AWS compliance features.

How we designed the new Ubuntu Desktop installer

By Elio Qoshi, 21 April 2023

A modern user interface, improved configuration options and a celebration of the mission of Ubuntu Desktop, to make Linux accessible to all.

Optimise your ROS snap – Part 4

By gbeuzeboc, 21 April 2023

Welcome to Part 4 of our “optimise your ROS snap” blog series. Make sure to check Part 3 before. This fourth part is going to explain what dynamic library...

Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 release roundup

By Oliver Smith, 20 April 2023

Packed with new features, Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 includes new tools for gamers, developers and organisations. Join us on a tour of the highlights!

Canonical releases Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster

By Canonical, 20 April 2023

New installer, Active Directory login and gaming performance enhance Ubuntu Desktop for work and play in the latest interim release of Ubuntu.

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