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Bill Wear

MAAS Developer Advocate

Stormrider is a tech enthusiast whose passion for computer programming and the UNIX system led to a lifelong exploration of technology. Starting with early experiences in a college computer lab, Stormrider became captivated by the simplicity and power of UNIX, which eventually led to the discovery of org-mode. Embracing org-mode and its versatile capabilities, Stormrider found a perfect match for their organizational and productivity needs. With a love for abstraction and a desire to simplify complex tasks, org-mode became an integral part of their life and work, allowing them to thrive in various endeavors. Today, Stormrider continues to embrace the power of org-mode and shares their journey of leveraging technology and language to optimize efficiency and creativity.

34 posts by Bill Wear

Cloud and server

MOTL: N33 NUC, Part 2

by Bill Wear on 3 January 2024

Cloud and server

MOTL: Minis Forum N33 NUC

by Bill Wear on 30 November 2023

People and culture

The soul of open source

by Bill Wear on 18 October 2023

Cloud and server

A call for community

by Bill Wear on 16 October 2023

Cloud and server

MAAS Outside the Lines

by Bill Wear on 10 October 2023

Cloud and server

No more DHCP(d)

by Bill Wear on 26 April 2023

Canonical announcements
Canonical announcements

Join our Ubuntu circle

by Bill Wear on 20 October 2022

People and culture

Compassionate doc

by Bill Wear on 28 July 2022

Cloud and server
Cloud and server
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