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29 posts from August 2019

Building a better TurtleBot3

By dragan-s, 30 August 2019

TurtleBot3 was released in 2017 and is positioned as a low-cost, open-source robot kit. For new owners of the TurtleBot3, there are various resources online...

LXD in 4 Easy Steps

By joemcmanus, 29 August 2019

I needed to install a clean instance of Bionic to test some code, but I did not want to use a full virtual machine as I was in a hurry.  To do this, I used...

A technical comparison between snaps and debs

By Igor Ljubuncic, 29 August 2019

How are snaps different from debs? This is a common question that comes up in technical discussions in the Linux community, especially among developers and...

Canonical joins the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee

By Kyle Fazzari, 28 August 2019

We at Canonical care deeply about robotics. We firmly believe that robots based on Linux are cheaper to develop, more flexible, more secure, and faster to...

Multi-tenancy in MAAS

By Andres Rodriguez, 28 August 2019

In this blog post, we are going to introduce the concept of multi-tenancy in MAAS. This allows operators to have different groups of users own a group of...

Components vs. Plugins in ROS 2

By Jeremie Deray, 27 August 2019

After our series of post about ROS 2 CLI tools (1, 2), we continue exploring the ROS 2 realm taking a look at ROS 2 components and more specifically, how they...

A guide to developing Android apps on Ubuntu

By Alex Cattle, 27 August 2019

Android is the most popular mobile operating system and is continuing to grow its market share. IDC expects that Android will have 85.5% of the market by...

Snaps help Xibo rekindle its relationship with Linux

By Sarah Dickinson, 27 August 2019

Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out. At first, it seemed that Xibo and Linux were made for each other. Xibo had a popular open source digital signage...

MicroK8s Version 1.16.0 Beta Released!

By anaqvi, 26 August 2019

We’re excited to announce the release of MicroK8s 1.16 beta! MicroK8s is a lightweight and reliable Kubernetes cluster delivered as a single snap package – it...

Kubernetes 1.16 beta now available, with support from Canonical

By Carmine Rimi, 26 August 2019

Canonical announces full enterprise support for Kubernetes 1.16, starting with the beta release, with support covering the following installation mechanisms –...

MicroK8s gets powerful add-ons

By anaqvi, 23 August 2019

We are excited to announce new Cilium and Helm add-ons, coming to MicroK8s! These add-ons add even more power to your Kubernetes environment built on...

Useful security software from the Snap Store

By Igor Ljubuncic, 22 August 2019

Overall, most Linux distributions offer sane, reasonable defaults that balance security and functionality quite well. However, most of the security mechanisms...

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