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55 posts from February 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016, Big Event, Big Data

By Canonical, 29 February 2016

Philip McAleese talks sensor data and IoT bike lights Apparently, over 100,000 people attended Mobile World Congress 2016 this past week. I was one of them....

Deploying Juniper Contrail SDN on Ubuntu OpenStack

By Ellen Arnold, 29 February 2016

In this video, we’re going to show you just how quick and easy it is to deploy Ubuntu OpenStack and Juniper Networks Contrail Networking using Canonical’s...

Juju Charmer Summit: Juju and Docker

By Jorge O. Castro, 29 February 2016

 Docker is a great tool for developers, and Ubuntu is the number one platform for deployments by a wide margin. With Juju, deploying Docker is as easy as a...

Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 4 Recap

By Canonical, 26 February 2016

Software Defined LTE 5G Radio demo at the Ubuntu booth At an event the size of Mobile World Congress, the last day is filled with the hurried rush to get...

Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 3 Recap

By Canonical, 25 February 2016

Ubuntu OpenStack running SDN, VNFs and virtualised customer premise equipment (vCPE) The third day of Mobile World Congress was an demonstration in what’s...

MediaTek & Canonical partner to build app-enabled smart home gateways

By Canonical, 25 February 2016

Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek, and Canonical, are joining forces to build multi-purpose, future-proofed home gateways and premium routers...

Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 2 Recap

By Canonical, 24 February 2016

Day 2 of Mobile World Congress was awesome. The overarching theme of the day was again focused on NFV (Network Functions Virtualisation). But before we get to...

Ubuntu at Embedded World: development boards, embedded PC and more

By, 24 February 2016

Embedded World Exhibition & Conference is taking place this week in Nuremberg, Germany – since 2003, each year the event offers the embedded community the...

Evolution of a Charm

By Jorge O. Castro, 24 February 2016

Whether you want to deploy an OpenStack solution at full scale on a public cloud or just want to deploy services on your own private OpenStack cloud, Juju is...

Canonical to offer powerful ARM 64-bit IoT developer environment

By Canonical, 24 February 2016

  Today, Canonical announced that it will create an ARM 64 developer environment based on Ubuntu Core and on the DragonBoard™ 410c by Arrow Electronics, which...

Juju Charmer Summit: Design For Success

By Jorge O. Castro, 23 February 2016

This talk from Juju Charmer Summit 2015 provides a comprehensive introduction to the pieces that make Juju magic happen. We recommend that anyone interested...

Stop what you are doing and complete the OpenStack User Survey now

By Mark Baker, 23 February 2016

The OpenStack user survey is a key input into many decisions that are made in the OpenStack community: it helps determine which projects are prioritised by...

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