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10 posts from November 2011

Ubuntu TV discussions hot up

By Mark Shuttleworth, 27 November 2011

Threads are coalescing around the concept of an Ubuntu TV experience, driven by Unity.

Five Golden Rules for a Successful Ubuntu Desktop Migration

By Canonical, 21 November 2011

So, you like the idea of deploying an Ubuntu desktop to all or some of your users. You like the way Ubuntu’s light-client model can give  your older desktop...

Building a Precise Pangolin: A summary of UDS success

By Canonical, 21 November 2011

The Ubuntu Developer Summit – UDS – is a major event in the Canonical calendar. Taking place every six months, it is the Ubuntu event which defines the focus...

Ubuntu launches at retail in Portugal with ASUS

By Canonical, 18 November 2011

As of this week, Ubuntu is now on sale in over 100 retail outlets in Portugal. Preloaded on the new ASUS Eee PC 1215P, Ubuntu is available to buy in over 100...

Ubuntu Phone, Tablet and TV – discussion opened

By Canonical, 16 November 2011

Big thanks to everyone who turned up at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando to discuss Ubuntu’s future on new devices! Now, following Mark Shuttleworth’s...

Getting in touch with us

By Canonical, 16 November 2011

During the past UDS’ we have been repeatedly asked a better way to be reached. There are many reasons why a community member could feel the need of contacting...

Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011 December 8th, Taipei

By Canonical, 15 November 2011

This year’s Ubuntu Hardware Summit (UHS) will take place on December 8th at the Grand Victoria Hotel in Taipei. You can register your place at...

Juju: a logo with a story

By Marcus Haslam, 3 November 2011

Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote this week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit includes introducing Juju, including a big slide showing off the new Juju logo. Below is...

“When Humans make stuff, we tend to make interesting things.”

By Canonical, 2 November 2011

Last night I watched “Press Pause Play” which in it’s own words is a film about fear, hope and digital culture. If you’ve not heard the talk surrounding the...

Ubuntu & HP's project Moonshot

By Chris Kenyon, 2 November 2011

  Today HP announced Project Moonshot  – a programme to accelerate the use of low power processors in the data centre. The three elements of the announcement...