Ubuntu for telcos

As an established leader in cloud computing, Canonical lets you apply the webscale savings and best practices that are necessary to succeed in the telco world. By using established open source software to automate the deployment and operation of NFVI and IoT solutions, we can help you become even more agile while reducing your costs and time to market.

Cost-saving automation

Cut operating costs with automated scaling. You can deploy thousands of identical sites, creating an infrastructure that's built from the ground up for operations at the lowest possible cost. Canonical’s open source tooling and focus on automation makes it easy to deploy cloud environments, again and again.

Carrier-grade uptime

Deploy a carrier grade product suite in line with ETSI frameworks, while remaining aligned with upstream projects to ensure easy upgrades. Unrivalled security and resilience are intrinsic to our Communication Service Provider (CSP) solutions — which means guaranteed uptime for you.

Expert knowledge and experience

Our team of specialists operates production CSP environments around the globe, covering the entire environment life-cycle, from deployment to upgrades and onboarding virtual network functions — enabling you to realise the true potential of your cloud.

Why choose Canonical?

  • Keep CAPEX and OPEX costs down with virtualisation and automation
  • Peace of mind with a pre-tested solution
  • Get started quicker with our speedy onboarding process
  • High-availability SLAs aligned with accepted industry practices
  • Stay ahead with easy upgrades between OpenStack versions and fast access to the latest OpenStack features with 100% upstream integration

The complete cloud automation toolset

Operational discipline — built on automation and repeatability — has long been crucial to the profitability of CSPs. Canonical applies the same principles to the way clouds are built and run. From design to deployment and operations, every aspect is managed with Canonical’s proven automation toolset, the: provisioning tool MAAS, management tool Landscape, and application modeling tool Juju.

NFVI cloud build

Canonical’s Private Cloud Build for telcos is a pre-tested, pre-integrated OpenStack cloud built using a proven reference architecture and tailored to the needs of CSPs.

Think of it as a fixed price, NFV-ready cloud, deployed by Canonical on your premises in just a few weeks.

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A telco-grade managed cloud

A number of telcos rely on Canonical’s fully managed cloud service. Get Telco Grade SLAs and predictable operational costs for your OpenStack cloud, on your servers at your locations. We build, operate, scale and upgrade your cloud, while you concentrate on building your applications in flexible and agile environments.

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Smart edge: Internet of Things, switches and CPEs

Ubuntu is the Operating System of choice for the smart edge. From software-defined top of the rack switch to enterprise CPE, from home IoT gateways to digital signage, Canonical offers secure OS and app store solutions to maximise post sales revenue from all your smart devices.

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We’re reinventing how we scale by becoming simpler and modular, similar to how applications have evolved in cloud data centers. Open source and OpenStack innovations represent a unique opportunity to meet these requirements and Canonical’s cloud and open source expertise make them a good choice for AT&T.

Toby Ford, Assistant Vice President of Cloud Technology, Strategy and Planning at AT&T

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