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Multi-vendor orchestration

ETSI Open Source MANO, provides an open-source solution based on published information and data models that addresses network functions from multiple vendors for carrier-grade NFV orchestration. It made possible the multi-vendor networks by integrating proprietary and open source network functions on top of commoditized hardware.

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Multi-vendor orchestration illustration

Juju – Generic virtual network function manager

Juju is the component responsible for multi-vendors VNFs in OSM support. It provides the Day 1 and Day 2 configurations following the ETSI data models which allow the instantiation and operations of vendor-neutral workloads. OSM has full support for Day 1 and Day 2 configuration of NFs from different vendors while presenting a single common abstracted interface for the configuration to the wider OSS through the OSM NBI.

Juju illustration

OSM uses Juju to manage the VNF configuration through charms, i.e. charms that expose actions that can be executed on demand. OSM exploits the actions to perform Day 1 and Day 2 configurations on a VNF. The charms are effectively a form of script (typically written in Python) with actions that can be common, abstracted and vendor-independent, and translate these actions into the vendor-specific commands for each vendor's NF.

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Multi-vendor charmed 5G testbed

TATA Elxsi deployed the 5G testbed by charmed OSM. The functional ability of Juju’s controller and Charmed OSM made possible the deployment of 5G Kubernetes network functions (KNFs) from multiple open source solutions on MicroK8s infrastructure. All the components, i.e. Radio Access Network (RAN) and 5G Core, are based on a model-driven operator framework that can be reused, upgraded, and integrated according to the current demands.

OSM Multi-vendor illustration
Component Solution details
5G Core Free5GC
IMS Kamilio
5G RAN Emulator Free5GC
Grafana visualization tool Grafana Labs
Web client Jmeter

How to migrate your multi-vendor workloads?

Canonical can help you with onboarding your multi-vendors networks through Charmed OSM. Tell us about your network functions to get started.

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Charmed OSM deployment support

  • Supported with Ubuntu Advantage
  • Availability of managed and professional services
  • ESM – Security updates for Ubuntu LTS for an additional year

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Network function onboarding support

  • Support for the developments of charms for day1 and day2 operations
  • Support for the integration capabilities
  • Onboarding it to Charmed OSM

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