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NFV Orchestration with Open Source MANO

Automate the deployment and operations of network functions, and benefit from reduced operational costs, by using an open source implementation of ETSI NFV MANO. As a key contributor to the Open Source MANO project, Canonical is excited to help you on your NFV journey.

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Open-source implementation of ETSI NFV MANO stack

Helps Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs) move from traditional, legacy networking services to cloud-native network functions.

Fully aligned with ETSI NFV Information Models.

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Charmed OSM

To improve the stability of deployments and provide telcos with a production-grade platform, Canonical delivers a pure upstream OSM distribution - Charmed OSM.

  • Simplified deployment and operations
  • Highly available and resistant against failure
  • Predictable release cadence and upgrade path

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Network functions onboarding

Workload diversity

OSM supports onboarding of virtualized network functions (VNFs), cloud-native network functions (CNFs) and physical network functions (PNFs) and reduces the complexity of day1 and day2 operations.

Onboarding Network Functions ›

Integration Management

Network functions are not alone

Juju in OSM integrates network functions with other non-functional requirements like monitoring, logging, auditing and scaling. Charmed operators automate application management by codifying business intentions.

Understand Juju and charms ›

Flexible VIM options

OSM supports all the major VIMs (virtualized infrastructure manager) in the ecosystem.

A single OSM instance can deploy network functions on OpenStack, AWS, VMware and k8s clusters.

Multi-cloudVIM orchestration in OSM ›

Multi-vendor workloads

  • Provides support for open source and proprietary workloads.
  • Offers Juju as a generic network function manager.
  • Uses standard information and data models for multi vendor workloads.

Enterprise support

  • Features charmed OSM design and delivery.
  • Provides MANO stack enterprise support.
  • Offers fully-managed OSM.
  • Includes two years of bug fixes and security updates.

Ubuntu Support ›

Community Support ›

OSM Community

ETSI OSM community is growing rapidly with 147 members today. Canonical is driving the ETSI OSM project by leading major positions:

  • Senior Advisor: Mark Shuttleworth
  • TSC member: Mark Beierl
  • RO module lead: Gulsum Atici
  • N2VC module Lead: David Garcia
  • VNF onboarding chair: Maciej Mazur
  • OSM MARCOM chair: Wajeeha Hamid

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Try OSM today

Follow the installation video or tutorial. If you wish to understand the whole architecture before getting hands on experience please watch this video.

We also provide installation of OSM in a box with the minimum possible resources needed to be perfectly functional.

Still in trouble? Follow the Charmed OSM debugging tutorial for troubleshooting.

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