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Enterprise support
for your full open source stack

Build with confidence and operate at scale with enterprise support from Canonical. Our global team of experts is available 24/7 to provide the best support experience for Ubuntu and your full open source stack, from infrastructure to applications.

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Why choose Canonical for open source support

One support vendor for everything open source

Peace of mind with experts
by your side 24/7

Available everywhere, from the public cloud to devices

Trusted by professionals

What's included

Hands-on support and knowledge transfer on top of our 10-year security maintenance commitment with Ubuntu Pro + Support.

Learn the difference between security maintenance and support ›

Full access to our Knowledge Base

Expand your team's expertise with our Knowledge Base, a database comprising articles on troubleshooting open source software, based on our 20 years of experience.

Break-fix support

Get assistance in the event of an incident, diagnosing and resolving technical problems that impact your system's stability, performance, or security. Our experts will provide timely solutions to minimise downtime and ensure smooth operations.

Bug-fix support

Get reported software bugs fixed quickly. Our team acts as a bridge between your organisation and the upstream package maintainers. We speed up the resolution of business-critical problems when the upstream schedule lags.

Enterprise-grade support on top of your Ubuntu LTS

10 years of coverage for 25,000+ packages
Add phone and ticket support on top of Ubuntu Pro

Build with confidence with 24/7/365 phone and ticket support. Get prompt help when something breaks on more than 25,000 packages in the Ubuntu Main and Universe repositories, including the most widely used open source applications and toolchains.

Benefit from the collective knowledge of our team, based on our 20 years of experience building and sustaining open source software.

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Peace of mind for your infrastructure

60% of IT managers reported an outage in the last three years.*

Minimise downtime and speed up remediation for your IT infrastructure in case of incidents, with experts available 24/7/365.

Enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed service level agreements and fully committed support on popular infrastructure tools, including:

* Based on Uptime Institute's 2023 outage analysis

Learn how to ensure business continuity for your IT infrastructure ›

Supported applications

Also running workloads on top of your infrastructure? Get full stack support for 25,000+ packages and all of Canonical's applications, no matter the packaging format.

Snaps: containerised software packages

Whether you're running on a desktop, server or on IoT devices, ensure full integration, security and interoperability of your workloads with snaps. Get full stack support for all Canonical-maintained snaps published on the Snap Store.


In addition to the OCI-compliant container images listed in the Canonical GitHub, Docker hub and Amazon ECR, get full support for:

  • Rocks, Canonical's new generation of OCI-compliant, container images, built on top of Ubuntu LTS and optimised to run applications
  • Chiselled Ubuntu, Canonical's distroless container images that only fit the strictly required dependencies

Charms: Juju-based software operators

Revolutionise the speed and quality of software operations in distributed systems with Juju, an open source orchestration engine for software operators that enables the deployment, integration and lifecycle management of applications at any scale, on any infrastructure.

Get full support on all Canonical maintained Charms, the operators that encapsulate business logic in reusable software packages that automate every aspect of an application's life.

Popular use cases for Canonical support

Fully supported data solutions

Simplify operations and focus on innovation with fully-supported enterprise data solutions from Canonical, including Spark, Kafka®, MongoDB® and OpenSearch, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Get the predictable pricing you need to scale your projects, backed by expert support.

Learn more about our data solutions ›

Modular MLOps platforms

Rely on secure and supported leading open source tools like Kubeflow and MLFlow as part of Canonical MLOps to scale your AI initiatives and move from experimentation to production. Benefit from a modular solution to develop and deploy machine learning projects. Let our team handle the maintenance and back up your team with any unexpected events.

Learn more about Canonical MLOps ›

Cost-effective private and hybrid cloud

Rely on Canonical OpenStack to build a cost-effective hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure with the peace of mind of experts on your side.

Want to deploy your clouds in minutes, with just a simple command? Check out Canonical's MicroCloud, the low-touch cloud solution, optimised for easy and repeatable deployments.

All Canonical-maintained applications are security maintained under Ubuntu Pro. Add operational and bug-fix support on top of it to ensure any potential issues with your specific workload are addressed in advance.

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Service Level Agreements

Self-Support1 Weekday support 24/7 Support
Hours of coverage N/A 24/52 24/7/3653
Available channels Knowledge Base Support portal, including Knowledge Base, phone, and ticket Support portal, including Knowledge Base, phone, and ticket
Number of cases allowed N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Response times by severity level First response First response First response
Severity 1 -Production service down. Critical impact on core functionality in a production environment N/A 4 hours 1 hour
Severity 2 -Core functionality severely degraded in a production environment. N/A 8 hours 2 hours
Severity 3 -Issues have a medium to low impact in a production environment. N/A 12 hours 6 hours
Severity 4 -Non-urgent requests with low to no impact on production environments. N/A 24 hours 12 hours

  1. Included with any Ubuntu Pro subscription
  2. 24/5 support is intended for Severity 1 issues. Issues at other severity levels will be worked on during standard business hours. Standard business hours are defined as Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at your organisation's headquarters. Weekends and holidays are excluded.
  3. 24/7/365 support is intended for Severity 1 issues. Issues at other severity levels will be worked on during standard business hours. In case of a Severity 1 issue, we will work with you until the issue is solved or mitigated with a workaround. As soon as the service or the core functionality is available in production, we will adjust the severity level accordingly. We assume you will be reachable throughout the process as the functionality is being restored.

Additional services

Professional support services

A Dedicated Support Engineer or Dedicated Technical Account Manager will be by your side, either remotely or on-site. They will be your go-to expert, your first and last point of contact for all your support enquiries and escalations, delivering tailored guidance for your unique platform and configuration needs.

Embedded services

Already in control of your operational support and focused on quick bug fixes? Take the direct route to the Canonical engineering team, a global team of community members with years of experience in sustaining and bug fixing open source software. They will bridge the gap between your team and the upstream open source community.

Legacy support

Still running Ubuntu 14.04 and need time to migrate to a newer version?

Ensure the stability of your platform by getting assistance directly from Canonical and get the time you need to migrate to the newer version.

Read more about Canonical Legacy Support ›

Upgrade to managed services

Get enhanced guidance from Canonical engineers when facing critical issues with Firefighting Support, or choose our fully managed solutions and allow us to operate your environments from set-up to production.

Our managed offering covers the entire infrastructure layer (MAAS, Ceph, OpenStack, MicroCloud, LXD, Kubernetes), as well as an extensive collection of applications (Kafka®, Kubeflow, Grafana, PostgreSQL, and many others).

Learn more about our managed offering ›

Education, research and academia

Canonical offers Ubuntu Pro + Support at a discount for approved institutions, such as schools, research and academia.

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