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Technical support

Technical support enables access to Canonical Engineering and TechOps teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Canonical can provide technical support for IoT projects that are built on pre-certified or enabled hardware.


Canonical provides you with access to the support portal. The support portal is the preferred channel for opening support cases. For emergency cases, customers will also have access to telephone support.

Response time and severity levels

Canonical provides a workaround or permanent solution as soon as possible, balanced against higher severity level cases. If a workaround is provided, Canonical’s support engineers continue to work on developing a permanent resolution to the case.

The target initial response time for severity levels is 12 business hours, defined as Monday - Friday between 8:00 and 18:00 excluding public holidays.

Customer involvement

Your involvement facilitates the delivery of technical support. The following contributions are expected:

  • Resolving all issues your end-users face.
  • Specifying how an issue arises and in what sub-system it is taking place.
  • Providing a repeatable test case.
  • Provide any debugging or further testing required.
  • Provide technical information as requested to resolve the problem.
  • Verifying issue resolution, once the final solution has been provided by Canonical.

Helpful resources

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