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Introduction to Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is a version of the Ubuntu operating system designed and engineered for IoT and embedded systems.

Ubuntu Core is made up entirely of snap packages. Snaps are used exclusively to create a confined and transaction-based system. Ubuntu Core updates itself and its applications automatically. Security and robustness are its key features, alongside being easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to upgrade.

The snaps that power Ubuntu Core are distributed globally through the Snap Store. Ubuntu Core users can manage their devices and private collection of snaps through the IoT App Store.

Canonical supports Ubuntu Core long-term,delivering kernel patches and bug fixes continuously for 10 years. Each Ubuntu Core version is based on a corresponding LTS release of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Core is ideal for embedded devices because it manages itself. Updates are transactional, which means that they are either 100% successful or they don’t get installed at all. Whether it’s running on a Raspberry Pi hidden for media streaming, or a Qualcomm DragonBoard handling garage door automation, Ubuntu Core remains transparent, trustworthy and autonomous.

From Linux and maker space tinkerers, to the robotics, automotive and signage industries; from a single device, to a deployment of thousands: Ubuntu Core can handle it.

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