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Why Ubuntu Certified Hardware?

Machines you can trust with Ubuntu

  • Hardware running Ubuntu out-of-the-box
  • Extensive hardware testing
  • Reliable long term support
  • Accelerate Time to Market

Certify your device

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Certification processes you can trust

Every aspect of the system is checked and verified

Canonical has developed rigorous certification tests to ensure compatibility between hardware and the Ubuntu operating system. A full battery of tests is performed on each hardware and software component for robustness before a device earns the distinction of being Ubuntu Certified.

With regular regression testing, Ubuntu Certified hardware is continuously tested in the lab to ensure the latest updates work well on the certified device.

Up to 10 years security update commitment

Canonical’s support is the solution to your sleepless nights

No system is 100% secure and vulnerabilities will always arise. What matters is the speed and success with which they are resolved — and nobody makes fixes available faster than Canonical.

Security updates are provided for up to ten years for long term support (LTS) releases. With the default configuration for unattended upgrades, these updates get applied to your system automatically.

We perform regression testing for every single security update and any required fixes are made before they are released.

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Save time and reduce operational costs

Accelerate time-to-market by choosing deployment-ready devices

When you use non-certified hardware Ubuntu may not work as intended and require extra enablement engineering. Canonical guarantees that Ubuntu Certified hardware will integrate smoothly with Ubuntu. You can leverage our diverse and growing portfolio of certified hardware and focus on developing your solution.

Also, long term security maintenance is a commitment that requires a substantial level of investment in human resources, infrastructure, and engineering. You can reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs by using Ubuntu Certified hardware and get support for up to 10 years.

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Become Ubuntu Certified!

Becoming Ubuntu Certified is your top choice for differentiation, reliability, and product visibility. When your hardware is certified, they can carry the Ubuntu Certified Hardware logo on websites and product packaging. The “Ubuntu Certified Hardware” sticker increases customer confidence that your products integrate seamlessly with Ubuntu, which in turn increases traffic to your products.

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Becoming Ubuntu Certified is your top choice for differentiation, reliability, and product visibility. Talk to us about certifying your products.

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