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Faster AI application development with Canonical and NVIDIA AI Enterprise


on 12 September 2023

Ubuntu KVM support comes to NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Canonical continues to expand its collaboration with NVIDIA by providing Ubuntu KVM Hypervisor support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0 — which is generally available starting today. Organisations using GPU virtualisation on Ubuntu can look forward to a seamless migration to the new NVIDIA AI Enterprise licence. 

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0 is now supported  across workstations, data centres, and cloud deployments, with updates including:

  • NVIDIA NeMo for building, customising, and deploying generative AI models, 
  • two new AI workflows for accelerating generative AI use cases, 
  • enhanced manageability with the NVIDIA Triton Management Service for automating deployment at scale, and
  • enterprise-grade support.  

NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides an end-to-end, secure, cloud-native software platform for developing and deploying AI applications, helping organisations solve new challenges while increasing operational efficiency. The new NVIDIA Triton Management Service streamlines and efficiently manages model deployment, and NeMo enables the building, customisation, and deployment of complex large language models to offer enterprises an easy, cost-effective, and fast way to adopt generative AI.

Ubuntu KVM and NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0

Data scientists and developers leveraging NVIDIA frameworks and workflows with Ubuntu across the board now have a single platform to rapidly develop AI applications on the latest generation NVIDIA GPUs.  With support for GPU virtualisation coming to Ubuntu KVM, organisations can then rapidly deploy the same models utilising existing on-prem or cloud infrastructure to power AI workloads. 

Fig. Ubuntu KVM and NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0

GPU virtualisation is an important tool that makes it possible to share a single GPU across multiple virtual machines (VMs). This leads to better GPU resource utilisation, as well as significant cost savings directly passed to macro-impacted IT budgets. The NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solution has traditionally been supported with Ubuntu KVM. Canonical and NVIDIA have now validated NVIDIA’s virtualisation solution to enable GPU passthrough to NVIDIA AI Enterprise Containers and VMs with minimal performance impact. Once customers and users point to a new NVIDIA AI Enterprise licence server, usage should continue with no disruption.

Using NVIDIA AI Enterprise in conjunction with Ubuntu KVM, enterprises can now scale deployments across multi- and hybrid-cloud deployments.

Security and support — for your full deep learning stack

Ubuntu is the first choice open-source operating system for the majority of AI developers, and Canonical is proud to back the innovators at NVIDIA by providing an optimised, secure operating system. Through NVIDIA AI Enterprise 4.0, NVIDIA customers automatically have access to Canonical’s security promise beyond the operating system, keeping the open source content in NVIDIA containers secure. With NVIDIA AI Enterprise, organisations aiming to deploy the latest AI innovations can now get enterprise-grade support from NVIDIA. Customers can, additionally, get support from Canonical for their open source infrastructure software, including popular upstream projects including Kubernetes and Kubeflow. 

Speaking about these solutions, Maciej Mazur, AI/ML Principal at Canonical, said:  “The certification of Ubuntu KVM with NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides customers with all the necessary ingredients for an end-to-end solution: containers for training the latest LLMs from NVIDIA, as well as , enterprise-grade support for infrastructure software from Canonical.” 

Getting started is easy (and free). You can rest assured that Canonical experts are available to help if required.

Get started with Canonical open source solutions with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 

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