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Open infrastructure for data science

Charmed OpenStack with NVIDIA vGPU Software

NVIDIA vGPU Software enables data scientists and technical, and creative professionals to break through the constraints of hardware scalability, making highly performant GPU resources available on-demand for cloud users. Since more and more organisations are moving back to an on-prem infrastructure these days due to constantly growing public cloud costs, OpenStack with NVIDIA vGPU serves as a cost-effective alternative. Backed by joint commercial support from Canonical and NVIDIA, it is fully suitable for production environments with sophisticated AI/ML applications running on it 24/7.

During this webinar, our special guest speakers from NVIDIA will walk you through the internals of the NVIDIA vGPU Software. Later, we will introduce you to Charmed OpenStack and discuss the benefits that the platform brings in conjunction with NVIDIA vGPU technology. The webinar will follow with a brief demo during which we will demonstrate how to automate the enablement of NVIDIA vGPU Software in Charmed OpenStack and run sample workloads with highly performant vGPU resources attached.