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Canonical releases Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

London, 30 May 2024.

Today Canonical announced the availability of Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. 

By ensuring high-priority processes are executed first, with deterministic response times, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS reduces latency compared to mainline Linux and enhances the system’s ability to handle time-sensitive operations effectively. 

Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS integrates the PREEMPT_RT patch on AMD64 and ARM64. As the de-facto Linux real-time implementation, PREEMPT_RT increases predictability by modifying the existing kernel code. With time-bound responses for mission-critical latency requirements, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS provides deterministic processing to the most demanding workloads across industries, from manufacturing and automotive to the critical infrastructure of telco operators.

Based on the upstream v6.8 kernel, the 24.04 release of Real-time Ubuntu also includes optimised support for Raspberry Pi hardware to deliver enhanced performance and compatibility across a broad compute spectrum. With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, users can confidently explore the possibilities of optimised real-time compute on Raspberry Pi 4 and 5, driving innovation and unlocking new opportunities in embedded.

Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS brings end-to-end security and reliability to the time-bound workloads of modern enterprises across verticals.

Launch Real-time Ubuntu on your silicon

From factory automation and industrial control to low latency for telco infrastructure, and many other workloads that require time-sensitive and real-time computing, Real-time Ubuntu ensures enhanced responsiveness and deterministic behaviour.

Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is available via Ubuntu Pro, Canonical’s enterprise security and compliance subscription, free for personal and small-scale commercial use in up to 5 machines. With an Ubuntu Pro subscription, launching the latest version of Real-time Ubuntu on AMD64 and ARM64 is as easy as:

pro attach
pro enable realtime-kernel 

Canonical tests certified devices for reliability and performance to provide developers with the best out-of-the-box Ubuntu experience. Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is the first release specifically optimised and tested for Raspberry Pi 4 and 5. If you are running the latest version of the ubuntu-pro-client, launching the Raspberry Pi-enabled version of Real-time Ubuntu is a matter of two simple commands, just like with the generic version:

pro attach
pro enable realtime-kernel --variant=raspi

Customers of Ubuntu Pro can build upon a readily available and supported commercial Linux distribution, ensuring the longevity and success of their devices in the field.

Predictable release cadence and 12 years of support

Maintenance of a custom-built real-time solution demands considerable in-house expertise, which becomes particularly challenging when dealing with products designed for a long lifetime. Device manufacturers, telco operators and industrial enterprises, in particular, cannot afford to have faulty updates potentially destabilising their production operations.  Addressing such issues requires costly manual interventions, such as on-site engineer visits or device recalls.

Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS provides a production-grade software distribution mechanism with a consistent stream of reliable fixes. Building on Canonical’s commitment to reliability, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS gets a 12-year commitment for security maintenance and support. Ubuntu Pro subscribers can benefit from maintenance for Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS for 12 years with the Legacy Support add-on. All users can enjoy five years of bug fixes and security updates until August 2029.

In the rapidly evolving open source landscape, Canonical offers a reliable solution for those seeking long-term support for the kernel and beyond. With a new LTS kernel released every two years like clockwork, Canonical provides a consistent target with which to align development efforts. Enterprises, device manufacturers and consumers alike can rest assured that they can benefit from industry-leading support and long-term maintenance for over a decade.

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If you are interested in running Real-time Ubuntu and are working on a commercial project, you can contact us directly. Canonical partners with silicon vendors, board manufacturers and Original Design Manufacturers to shorten enterprises’ time-to-market. Reach out to our team for custom board enablement, commercial distribution, long-term support or security maintenance.

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