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Discover real-time kernel on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and Raspberry Pi

Join our webinar on Thursday June 20th at 6pm CET / 9 am PT

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What is this webinar about?

Canonical recently announced the availability of the latest version of Real-time Ubuntu and its availability on Raspberry Pi hardware.

This webinar will shed light on the advancements brought by Real-time Ubuntu 24.04, exploring how it addresses the needs of latency-sensitive applications across various industries, and how to make the most of the technology together with Raspberry Pi hardware. Whether you’re an embedded developer, a Linux kernel enthusiast or interested in real-time computing and deterministic performance, this webinar is designed to provide valuable knowledge and practical insights.

What will be discussed?

  • Real-time fundamentals:
    • Key use cases across different market segments
    • The role of PREEMPT_RT patchset in enhancing predictability
    • RTOS, low latency or real-time Linux?
  • Understanding Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS:
    • Latest developments in Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
    • Support for Raspberry Pi 4 and 5
    • Long-term Support and security

What will you learn?

Join the webinar for a comprehensive look at the core concepts behind real-time systems and the PREEMPT_RT patch set. You will learn about the latest features and optimisations for Raspberry Pi hardware and discover how Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS can enhance the performance and reliability of your applications.

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